Monday, November 3, 2014

Rockin At The Rock Shop!

Hey Dream Junkies! 

I am still riding my high from the TWO shows I did last week! Art Attack is a local event held every Wednesday at The Rock Shop of Fayetteville where artists of ALL kinds can show off and sell their creations.  I was super nervous for my first showing last Wednesday but my boyfriend was there to help me set up and really just him (a real artist) being there was a comfort. I was most nervous about how I would be received.  I have never considered myself an artist and my feelings of self doubt were SCREAMING in my head. "Who do you think you are?" That was the loudest voice. I found out that, as always, I am ME and THAT is the art. The jewelry is a complement to my personality and it was really just the bait to get people close to me and start a conversation. Everyone that purchased for themselves, immediately put their pieces on and some even bought them as gifts! I had two other artists there with me, one was selling T-shirts and another was selling resin charms that were truly amazing. I was torn between the two as they asked me question after question. I felt empowered. They were looking to ME for inspiration and expertise. Unlike them, all my pieces are different and some can never be recreated. That is what I am about. Being your authentic UNIQUE self. We all have something to offer. I really felt comfortable talking to all the locals about my jewelry. Those that know me understand how much I like making people laugh and I loved creating countless smiles that night. 

My first setup! While I was unpacking and arranging my display, I was contacted about doing another vendor show for a different group during the Holiday season! Stay tuned for the details on that. 

I put out a little of everything I do. My cards, paintings and crocheted cozies are all for sale along with my necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

I had the opportunity to return on Friday (Halloween) for a special edition of Art Attack. It was another success and people were glad to see me again. I hope to make this a regular thing as I establish my brand. So look for me on Wednesdays at Art Attack at The Rock Shop of Fayetteville! 

Made these steampunk goggles from a Youtube tutorial! 
Make a great day!